Cadet/Junior (13-18)

General Information

All Three Weapons

This program is designed for our fencers that are in the Under-17 (Cadet) and Under-20 (Junior) age groups from beginner to the advanced levels (i.e. fencers looking to compete on a college or national team). We’ve segmented our Cadet/Junior Program in to three groups:


Step One After Intro Class

Our recreational program is the most flexible program and is perfectly designed for students just starting out. We offer 3 class times per week and the athlete can attend any or all classes that are best suited to their schedule. Lessons are not required, but encouraged if the athlete is interested in moving to the Competitive or Allstars level. A separate monthly membership fee is required and can be paid in one payment (pro-rated) or on a monthly basis.

Group classes are offered Tuesday 8:00-9:30PM, Wednesday 6:00-7:30PM and Saturday 11:00AM-12:30PM.

Cadet/Junior Competitive

Step Two

Our competitive group requirements include: classes, lessons, and competitions. The threshold to maintain the competitive level is very achievable and is designed around our local tournaments. There is only one travel tournament required, which is within driving distance.

Competitive Saber meets Monday and Thursday from 4:15-6:15PM, while Epee and Foil meet Monday and Thursday 6:00-8:00PM.

Cadet/Junior Allstars

Step Three

The Alllstars is our most comprehensive program and is designed for those athletes who want to compete on a regular basis and have goals to compete and achieve points on the national level and/or to fence for a college team. This program will require athletes to commit to a dedicated training, lesson and competition schedule. Athletes in this program will be evaluated 2x per year to ensure their ability to stay in the program. Allstars will attend all the competitive classes plus the Allstars class.

The Allstar class meets on Tuesday from 6:00-8:00PM and Friday from 4:30-7:00PM

We also offer classes for 4-7 year olds via our FitKids Program connected with the Home School Program

Christine & sabre guys
Coach David with Girls Team 2_zpsznlmrv9z
Lube and Amer. flag
Epee at tournament