FITKids (4 – 7)

Fencers in Training
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FIT Kids are: Fencers In Training

Come play pirate and build a solid foundation for future skills in this 45-minute group class created for kids ages 4-7. Young children will improve fitness, balance, agility, and hand-eye coordination.

Class encourages the development of listening skills while children learn to take instruction and follow directions in a group situation. Our coaches understand the needs and abilities of young children; expectations are age-appropriate and FUN!

We offer FITKids classes multiple days each week and members are allowed to attend whichever day(s) they wish. Please see our current schedule for class days and times.

The FITKids program has a $50/year membership fee and a 5 or 10 punch class card ($75 or $150 respectively) that can be renewed to attend classes.

If you have any comments or questions about our FITKids Program, please contact us at info@rocfencing.com or 585-654-6047.