Youth (8 – 14)

General Information

Sabre & Foil Only

Our Youth Program runs all year (Sept thru Aug) and is specifically designed for our fencers that fall under the USA Fencing age group classifications of Y-8, Y-10, Y-12, and Y-14. The program builds and develops the fundamentals for the new and developing fencer to the competitive fencer. We cover areas of footwork, blade work, tactics, conditioning, mindset, and sports psych skills.

Youth Beginner (8 - 14)

Step One

Our Youth Beginner program is perfectly designed for students just starting out. Students learn the basic skills of fencing: rules, stance, footwork, and blade work. This program can be repeated until a student masters the basic skills or feels comfortable moving to Youth Intermediate.

The program is set up as 10-class sessions held on Saturdays. Session start dates vary month to month, so please see our “How to Start” page a list of start dates. Each session is $165.

If you are a beginner, ages 15 and up, please see our Intro to Fencing Class for information on how to start.

Youth Intermediate (8 - 12)

Step Two

Our Youth Intermediate program is our most flexible program. After mastering the basics in our Youth Beginner program, fencers will specialize in foil or saber and continue to develop the tactics, footwork, and blade work of their respective weapons. We also host an in-house tournament, Mini-Musketeers, for our Youth Intermediate fencers so that they can experience the thrill of competition!

Classes are offered multiple days per week and fencers can attend any or all classes depending on their schedule.

We have 2 options for payment plans:

Option 1: $140/month (includes membership fee and benefits, and can attend unlimited classes each month).

Option 2: $75 yearly membership fee AND 5-punch ($130) or 10-punch class card ($260) which can be renewed when it is used up.

For beginners ages 15 and up, please see our Teen/Adult Program for information on how to continue.

Youth Advanced (8 - 14)

Step Three

The next step after Youth Intermediate is Youth Advanced. In this program, students learn competitive tactics, advanced skills and learn to apply them in local events.

Youth Competitive (8 - 14)

Step Four

The next step after Youth Advanced is our Competitive Program. The main difference is the addition of lessons and required tournaments. The threshold to maintain the competitive level is very achievable and is designed around our local tournaments. One travel tournament within driving distance is required and participation in additional travel tournaments is encouraged, but not required. Along with competitions, it is important for the athlete to take a consistent number of lessons, usually 4-5 per month.

Our Youth Competitive group is the first step in our Youth Competitive Program. Athletes are required to attend 2 days of training along with the agreed upon number of competitions and lessons discussed with their personal coach.

Youth Allstars (8 - 14)

Step Five

Our Youth Alllstars is our most comprehensive program and is designed for those athletes who want to compete on a regular basis and have goals to compete and achieve points on the national level. This program will require athletes to commit to a dedicated training, lesson, and competition schedule. Athletes in this program will be evaluated 2x per year to ensure their ability to stay in the program. Allstars will attend all the Youth Competitive classes plus one Allstars class in the week.

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