Flower City Youth Cups

A new tournament series for younger competitors.

Flower City
Youth Cups

$30* per fencer

*plus $5 per event

General Information:

  • The Rochester Fencing Club is continuing our USA Fencing sanctioned WNY Youth Cups for Y10, Y12, Y14 foil, epee, and saber.
  • All events will be mixed and will follow USA Fencing sanctioning guidelines.
  • You must have a USA Fencing membership to compete in this tournament.
  • The more fencers in attendance, the greater chance of earning USA Fencing rankings.
  • For mixed gender youth events, the tournament must be at least a C1 event in order to award ratings. Please refer to Appendix 2.7 of the USA Fencing Athlete Handbook for more information on ratings.
  • The competitions will run from 9 am – 5 pm.


  • In general, our format is 1 round of pools with 100% promotion to a DE table. The format can change based on number of fencers present (i.e. if there is a low number of fencers, we may do 2 rounds of pools to a DE)

Equipment Requirements:

  • All competitors are required to bring their own working equipment:
    • 2 mask cords (with bib for foil)
    • 2 body cords
    • 2 working electric weapons
    • knickers and full length socks (no athletic pants)
    • glove
    • jacket
    • plastron
    • lame (foil and saber)

Dates for the 2019 – 2020 Season (click on dates to register):

May 31