Adult Classes

General Information

All Three Weapons

We are committed to providing new and exciting ways for adults to try and continue fencing. We are currently developing and expanding our class offerings for adults of all ages and even include non-fencing work out classes! Please do not hesitate in contacting us for information at info@rocfencing.com.

Private Lessons

Set these up with a coach by emailing us at info@rocfencing.com.

Our adults vary from recreational to competitive and we strive to provide the most individualized program possible for your success! You do not need to have completed an Intro to Fencing class before taking a private lesson. Sometimes private lessons are the best way for you to try and jump start your fencing. Bring a friend for a semi-private lesson!

Mixed Level Group Fencing Class

This class is a traditional style fencing class for adults of all ages. The group fencing classes are focused around refining fencing techniques and understanding. The class includes a warm-up, fencing tactics and techniques, and group fencing. There are opportunities in the area for adults to compete if desired.

This class meets on Tuesdays 8-9: 30 pm, Wednesdays 6-7: 30 pm, and Saturdays 11-12: 30 pm.

We offer 2 payment options for this class:

Option 1: $120/month for unlimited classes and membership fee is included

Option 2: 5 or 10 class punch card ($120 and $240 respectively) AND $12.50/month membership fee

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