Challenge Accepted

Galaxy-wide bragging rights are up for grabs!

For Foil, Saber and Epee fencers looking for a competitive experience.

$25 per fencer

General Information:

  • This fencing tournament is great for fencers age 14 and under with some to no competitive experience in foil, epee, or sabre.
  • All electric equipment is required and can be rented from the club for a $5 fee, if needed.
  • The competition runs from 12:30 pm – 4 pm.
  • Check-in begins 1 hour before the start time and ends at 12:30 pm.
  • Please show up before the start time to make sure that registration is complete.
  • Non-RFC fencers are welcome!


  • Format of competition dependent on number of fencers. On average, one round of pools, direct elimination, and fence off for third.
  • Points awarded for placing in these events:
    • 1st place = 12 points
    • 2nd place = 11 points
    • 3rd place = 10 points
    • etc.
  • Earn prizes and galaxy-wide bragging rights by compiling point totals through the season!

Dates for the 2017-2018 season:

September 9

October 7

January 27

March 24

April 21

June 16

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sabre lunge
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